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Деятельность по снижению рисков бедствий через работу с сообществами и школами

В ноябре 2017 года стартовал региональный проект «DIPECHO 10: Создание устойчивости сообществ и укрепление систем снижения риска бедствий (СРБ) на местном и национальном уровнях в Кыргызстане и Таджикистане”, финансируемый Генеральным Директоратом Европейских Операций по Гражданской Защите и Гуманитарной Помощи (ECHO)».

Сотрудники Патрульной милиции пройдут тренинги по Первой Помощи

Сотрудники патрульной милиции со всех областей Кыргызстана пройдут тренинги по оказанию первой доврачебной помощи.

Обучаем школьников основным правилам дорожного движения

Деткам 6 – класса столичной школы провели обучающий курс по основным правилам дорожного движения.

International Day for the Eradication of Poverty.

Every year, the Red Crescent of Kyrgyzstan holds events and actions on this day to distribute humanitarian aid to people in a difficult life situation.

An agreement was signed between the Swiss Red Cross (SRC) and the Red Crescent National Society of the Kyrgyz Republic (RCNS).

The agreement was signed by the representative of the Swiss Red Cross - Brigitte Mueller, and Director General of the Red Crescent of Kyrgyzstan Rustam Aleyev.

Enhancing resilience to earthquake in Kyrgyzstan

An earthquake is a natural phenomenon with destructive power, an unpredictable natural disaster that occurs suddenly and unexpectedly. Earthquakes occur everywhere and it is virtually impossible to determine exactly where, at what time this natural phenomenon will occur.

World Disaster Risk Reduction Day

Today, October 13 is the International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction. The Red Crescent of Kyrgyzstan in all regions of the country conducts various events timed to this day.

International Elderly Day

On October 1 in Kyrgyzstan, as in many countries around the world, is celebrated the International Day of Older Persons, a holiday established by the UN General Assembly in 1991.

National Blood Donor Day

From September, 19 till September, 24th in Kyrgyzstan various events dated for the National Blood Donor day were held.

People in need received financial assistance

Today, on September 14, at 12:00 in the National Library of the Kyrgyz Republic, a charitable event was held to help the needy families of Bishkek and Chui Oblast.

First aid skills for the communities

More than 40 Altyn-Kazyk families have learned providing first-aid skills On September 5, 2017, for residents of Altyn-Kazyk housing estate, trainings were held to provide first-aid skills

Charitable campaign to assist the most in need

From September 1 to 4, the Red Crescent of Kyrgyzstan in partnership with the Turkish Red Crescent Society conducted a charitable event to help the needy families of Bishkek and Chui oblast.