Friends, download our mobile application and save lives! The application "First Aid" is available on Android and IOS platforms for free and all over the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic. In our lives, there are more and more accidents and emergencies, in which a lot of human lives could be saved thanks to the timely and properly provided first-aid.

The mobile application describes the methods and methods of providing First Aid, which can be used before the arrival of professional doctors. The application "First Aid" consists of 4 main sections: "Learn" "Prepare" "Extraordinary Situations" "Tests"

Thus, it clearly shows, and also teaches you how to provide first aid for various injuries and incidents - bone fracture, poisoning, falling and other situations. It is noteworthy that in this application there is an automatic button for calling emergency assistance, which will help you to help faster and more efficiently to the maximum number of victims in case of large-scale disasters and emergencies.

Posted in Feautured, News on Jan 08, 2018